Hey Man

by Like A Rocket

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    Hey guys..I have decided to pull some tracks from the site to tighten up the feel of HEY MAN some. I have also lowered the price! I always felt that the record was all over the place in its feel, so now I'm happy and lucky you, If you want the missing songs, send me an email at LikeARocket.org and I'll set you up for free.

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Prominent blogger/writer Ben Schultz (Here Comes The Dumptruck" has named Like A Rocket as one of Idaho's best musical exports. Praising the songwriting, musicianship, and live energy, Schultz has declared them as a must see.

'..the interplay between Z.V. House's intricate basslines, Max Klymenko's colossal drumming and Speedy Gray's fiery guitar reconfirmed my belief that this is one of the greatest bands in this state. In fact, the last two songs of their set, which featured the fiercest soloing that I've ever heard from Speedy Gray, made me wonder if perhaps I've been too restrained in my praise...

Joined together, they form the proverbial whole greater than the sum of its parts. I have yet to see them give a bad performance. As a matter of fact, I have yet to see them give a so-so performance.

As impressive as each member's playing is, LAR's secret weapon is Speedy Gray's singing. I believe that many of us, from the most hardcore American Idol and The Voice fanatic to the most insular indie music devotee, accept on some level the Aretha Franklin/Otis Redding/Wilson Pickett model as the gold standard of singing. I won't dispute the validity of that model (I think that Marianne Faithfull hit the nail on the head when she said, "God does have a voice--it's Aretha Franklin's"), but it can disincline one from perceiving how rare an achievement Speedy's unflashy assurance and conversational, Zen-like cool are. Indeed, the only singers whom I can think of comparing him to are honky-tonk legend Lefty Frizzell and especially one of Frizzell's greatest disciples, Willie Nelson. I will say that he's in a class nearly all by himself among male singers in this town."

"..I kept asking myself, what is the glue that is holding this wildly divergent collection of songs together? Then a week in I realized that just like Liz Phair's "Guyville" answering "Exile On Main Street", Like A Rocket has crafted an (intentional?) answer to The Predenders' debut. Poppy 60's jangle tune? Got it. Side 2 instrumental? Angular rock? Got it. Anger over betrayal? Introspective looks at love, politics, and friendship? It's all here. I hope people discover this gem in the rough."

-Doug Tepp Bloodsport Symphony

Boise’s Like a Rocket do the alt-country genre one better by ditching the often over-hyped Old West motif. The band has dubbed its sound “Southern rocking funk and alt-country.” On “8th Ave Love Poem #1,” lead singer/guitarist Speedy Gray croons about his love for a New York girl with a bluesy tone reminiscent of Mark Knopfler. It’s the kind of song you want to learn all the lyrics to so you can belt it out while you hug the stage. A catchy drum line and guitar riff melt into an addictive tune as Gray sings, “Maybe what’s wrong with me / is what’s wrong with you?” on the opening song What’s Wrong With You. The band is akin to The Animals in its early years, with a style that’s somehow classic and modern all at once..


released 23 December 2011



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Like A Rocket Boise, Idaho

A bloody mess of American music smashed together by a tanker truck stinking of oil, gasoline and carnival fried dough. Shit sister, it's music, so stop asking so many questions. By the way you look a little over dressed, take off that sweater and let me buy you a beer.

I'm Speedy, that's Zach and back there is Max.
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